Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Latino Butt....



Twista used to get blowjobs at the beach on his "surfing" expeditions. That's where he's earned a rep for showing his dick off every chance he gets! Twista sports wood backstroking in the pool, and can't resist jerking off! He slams his dick in the camera like he's fucking it. His love veins plump thicker and thicker as he rubs his rod, and fills the pool up with cum!

Markos and Santiago

This bareback Latino match up brings Markos and Santiago together in one of the most erotic and passionate suck and fuck sessions we have in our collection. Santiago is very obviously into Markos' cock and gives it a thorough sucking before getting his ass pounded with it bareback.

Ernie And Cody has a pairing of two strangers, Ernie and Cody. Ernie contacted me because although he's straight, and has a girlfriend, he loves his hole to be played with; toys are fine, but now he wants the real deal. Cody is a hustler we found on the streets; we knew he was our guy when we drove by slowly, and he lifted his shirt.
Both are 23 and up for some sucking; "I dabble," comments Cody when I ask about his sexual orientation. The two strip and Cody goes down on Ernie first; yep, Cody's got that oral thing down, but Ernie comments that his girlfriend is better. This must push something in Cody because from this point on, it becomes a challenge and we boys love challenges.
Alternating from mouth to hand and balls to taint, Cody has Ernie panting and gasping; watch Ernie's eyes roll as Cody bobs up and down. The next time I ask Ernie about Cody's skills, Ernie has now changed his mind about the better cock sucker. Cody gets Ernie close then backs off, grinning at his accomplishment.

After a bit more teasing, Cody has Ernie on the edge and strokes him to orgasm. When Ernie blows his load, a couple of thick streams fly up followed by some serious "lava;" Cody again smiles at his "handiwork."

Flint Harris Shows Off

Guy of the Day - Ryan

The hole of the boy