Wednesday, 13 March 2013


Guys and their cocks

Evan Hayes

Levi and Jake Live at Cockyboys

Levi Karter has released only one solo scene at CockyBoys so far, but he's already stolen the hearts of fans across the Internet!
This upcoming Wednesday, March 13th, at 8PM, remember to tune in to CockyBoys to catch his FIRST ever live cam show! As a CockyBoys brand new Exclusive model, fans have the chance to ask this fresh young hunk what it's like joining the CockyBoys family, what we have in store for him, what it was like getting fucked by Jake Bass in the upcoming RoadStrip, and anything else! The show is FREE for all CockyBoys members and is sure to draw a huge crowd!

On Thursday, March 14th at 8PM, CockyBoys' favorite ball of sass Jake Bass will host a LIVE webcam show FREE for all CockyBoys members! For those fans who can't get enough of the Project GoGo Boy star, now is their chance to chat and interact with him on a highly personal level! With his busy work schedule and endless film shoots, Jake has a lot of exciting news for his fans! In case they missed his last wildly popular shows, fans will get another chance to talk to Jake about anything they please!

BoysStarMovie - New Asian Site

The Producers of,brings you a brand new uncensored amateur gay Japanese website
titled 'BoysStarMovie.'  The site features new and exclusive contentfrom an acclaimed producer in Japan, with a variety of niches including Japanese daddies and bears, men in sports, business attire, as well as their signature amateur twink models.This will be the first time their content has been seen in the west and the first time it's ever been available uncensored (no mosaics).


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Additional posts appear there starting today.

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Adam and Alex

Carson and CJ

Cory and Paulie

Cory and Paulie meet at my crib and shoot the bull as I pop in a porno and pass around a cigarette. In no time they shed the threads and start to pull on their puds. Cory is already hard but it takes Paulie a while to stiffen up. Wasting no time, I get down between them to lube up their rods and begin the service. Paulie responds with his usual glee and Cory tries to ignore me as I switch off bobbing on their cocks. Cory is the first to spill his load on my lips then Paulie follows with his own sticky mess.