Tuesday, 12 March 2013

that look

Legs in the Air

Graham Brady

Newbie Graham Brady has a large fan club already. That will increase after this solo. The baby face boy is energetic and playful. He overcomes initial nerves and shows it all.

Boynapped - Hugely Hung Boys Luke And Steven


Bernaldo Pires is a serious looking dude who sports a beret. Very beefy and masculine, he's tucked tightly into a uniform of some sort, but whatever his job is has him bored. So, he calls kimono-clad Carlos de Olivira to spice up the day. The good looking Carlos needs no "hellos" before he's on his knees in front of big boy Bernaldo. Bernaldo has a cock so thick that it's really unfair to expect one man to take it on, but boy does Carlos try! He wraps his workaholic mouth around it and holds it there as long as possible as a show of sheer willpower. Bernaldo is a big man with a lot of muscle weight on him, a lot of which is due to cock size! After Carlos has spent enough time on his dick to have earned his mouth a rest, the all-business Bernaldo turns him around to play with his ass. Carlos has an ass worth spending lots of attention on, and Carlos pries the cheeks wide open in preparation for what the hole will need to take his uncut horror

Igor and Mike

Igor and Mike are two beefy Latino muscle studs who play for opposing teams. After Mike's team loses the game, Igor comes in to offer his condolences and rub it in a little. But Mike's eye is on Igor's bulge in his shorts. Igor notices and offers it up to Mike and soon Mike is getting face fucked. After reciprocating, Igor rims Mike's hole to lube it up for a nice long bareback fuck session in the locker room.


Lat's face it